When you appoint us as your lawyers, you can confidently expect:

  • Experienced lawyers with finely tuned negotiations skills
  • The very best legal advice and representation
  • Access to a global network of international legal experts
  • The utmost professionalism, accessibility and integrity of our lawyers

Why choose us as your lawyers?

Clients tell us they choose (and remain with) us because we get things done on time and we understand the frustration and stress that can accompany litigation. We take pride in offering astute legal advice based on a deep understanding of the law, our clients and their desired outcomes.

Lawyers who understand financial pressures

Litigation and legal services are stressful and costly. Our approach can help reduce your legal bill by tapping into our large network of specialists and experts. We don’t believe in charging for superfluous extras. Our lean, purpose built structure allows us to offer our clients competitive rates.

Our legal expertise

We’re different from larger law firms. Our competitive edge is our ability to turnaround considered, expert legal advice quickly. Furthermore, we offer an innovative approach to service that can significantly reduce your legal fees.

We are proud of our heritage, with almost one hundred years of practice in commercial law, corporate and business law, family law, franchising, employment law and litigation.

Our specialities