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Meet our team.

Chris Finn
Christopher Finn


B.A., LL.M. (USyd)

Accredited Specialist, Business Law

Son of the founder, Chris is the firm’s elder statesman, with more than 50 years’ experience in advising a broad spectrum of commerce, business and industry on all aspects of commercial endeavour, from start-ups to public listings, from wealth protection to succession planning. Chris has an abiding interest in intellectual property rights and the disputes which surround them and is a former commentator for the Australian Law Reform Commission on the overlap between designs and copyright. For more than half his career, he has been a Business Law Accredited Specialist, is on the Law Society Business Law Advisory Committee, and is an examiner in that discipline.

Dan Georges
Daniel Georges


B.Bus (Marketing)/L.L.B (UWS)

Registered Trade Mark Attorney

Daniel is an experienced litigator and transactional lawyer, specialising in corporate, property and intellectual property law. Frequently appearing in the Local, District and Supreme Courts, Daniel is also experienced in leading and assisting in complex litigation in Australia and internationally.
Advising high-net-worth individuals and SMEs alike, Daniel has a reputation for achieving successful & desired outcomes for his clients thanks to his focus on pragmatic solutions.

Anne-Marie Doueihy
Anne-Marie Doueihy



With over 15 years’ experience in the legal industry, Anne-Marie has extensive family law experience and acts for a wide variety of private clients in that jurisdiction. She appears regularly in the Family and Federal courts, representing both spouses in financial and parenting cases, as well as in the Supreme Court in regard to family disputes and succession claims. Anne-Marie’s dedication, understanding – and most importantly – tact make her a favourite amongst our varied clientele. Having volunteered with not for profit organisations dealing with mental health and positive psychology, Anne-Marie regularly applies her knowledge and experience in this area to family law matters. Anne-Marie has also worked on cases involving infringement of human rights, including high profile matters involving wrongful detention and wrongful deportation.

Liam James
Liam James


B.A/L.L.B (Hons) (USyd)

Liam has a wide experience in a range of commercial law specialities, including commercial litigation and dispute resolution and, for a time, was a solicitor with the Australian Government Solicitor. He represents high-net-worth individuals and corporations in litigious matters in all courts, as well as in ICAC. Liam joined the firm in 2014, and has brought his experienced and conscientious approach to cases, including corporate litigation, family provisions, estates and insolvency. He is passionate about intellectual property law and advises clients on all aspects of copyright, trademarks, property as well as corporations law, with a keen eye for statutory and contractual interpretation.

Dan Georges
Anthony El-Azzi


B.Bus&Com/L.L.B (UWS)

Anthony assists within our commercial, litigation and property law practices. He assists our accredited specialists and lawyers in preparation of various court documents, briefs to Counsel, leasing matters and conveyances. He has a keen interest in property and commercial law.
Anthony has been involved in Western Sydney University’s ‘Aspire Future Leaders Program’ which is designed to provide participants with increased professional development. Anthony has also volunteered for the Parramatta Community and Justice Clinic, which assist clients with a variety of legal issues, including civil, criminal and family law matters from traffic offences and motor vehicle accidents, home building and neighbourhood disputes, to family breakdown, divorce and child support.

Anne-Marie Doueihy
Nathan Phu


B.IT/L.L.B (MacqU)

Nathan assists our practitioners across commercial, family law and property matters. He is particularly adept at conveyancing.
Nathan’s background in computing allows him to better understand our client’s needs as they relate to information technology, and provide them with solutions which properly address issues surrounding information technology in the law.
Nathan is particularly interested in the fields of criminal, property and information technology laws.

Liam James
Kate Samolej


B.P.E.S.S (Hons)/J.D (USyd)

Kate assists our practitioners in both litigious and transactional matters alike. Having completed an honours thesis focusing on the economics of luxury goods and contemporary art consumption, Kate is particularly interested in the intersection of commerce and creativity, making her well-disposed in assisting with the management of our clients’ intellectual property portfolios. In addition to intellectual property, Kate is interested in insolvency, structuring and corporate regulatory law. As a member of the NSW Young Lawyers’ Business Committee, Kate has contributed to the Senate Economic References Committee’s inquiry into penalties for white collar crime and corporate misconduct, with a particular focus on insider trading and market manipulation.