Which classes should I register in?

You can only register a trade mark in the classes that are relevant to your business. However, registration protection often falls short because the owner of the trade mark only registered for the single, most obvious class.

For example: If you own a fitness centre, you may register your trade mark under class 41, for the for the provision of fitness training, fitness instruction and sporting activities.  Your other class registration options include (but are not limited to):

Class 5 for goods such as dietary supplements

Class 9 for fitness videos or recordings as well as software and gadgets used in fitness

Class 28 for gymnastic and sporting articles including exercise machines and apparatus

Class 44 for the provision of medical services including physiotherapy and fitness testing

Class 25 for clothing, footwear, headgear.

Class 21, for drinking bottles for sports

We will ensure that we ask you all the right questions in our pre-application process so that we can assist you in seeking protection in the right classes!